SHAARS International, Inc.’s key to long-term success is as follows:

  • Cultivate additional sales for US Manufacturers by finding markets outside of the USA.
  • Provide research and market development overseas at little or no cost to the US manufacturers.
  • Provide seamless transaction to US Manufacturers by taking ownership of the products and act as the USPPI.
  • Provide risk free transaction to the US Manufacturers by ensuring Export Compliance, proper Export Documentation and full service Logistics.
  • Provide US Made products to customers outside of USA at a reasonable and competitive price point.
  • Provide one stop shop to Importers overseas for freight consolidation and other services.

Our Service includes but not limited to the following;
Sales & Marketing:

  • Build and manage a professional distributor network.
  • Visits customers in their country and provide sales support and resolve issues.
  • Take responsibility and ownership to help suppliers as well as International Distributors.
  • Work with Distributors Internationally to constantly promote our products.
  • Coordinate international marketing with distributors.
  • Trade-show presence to promote brands and attract new customers.

Customer Service:

  • Product registration.
  • Provide Quote and product information.
  • Process orders.
  • Export servicing and resolving issues.
  • Responding to customer service requests
  • Ensure packaging of goods per the standards for International transportation.
  • Arranging Logistics.
  • Export Documentation.

It’s hard enough to gain market share in a domestic market. We’ll provide the experience and knowledge you need to make the global leap.