Established 10 years ago, SHAARS International, INC is a global export company specializing in equine and livestock products! Headquartered in Rockford, IL, SHAARS International is a business founded on family values and respect for culture, networking, and animals. President and CEO Captain Shahid Naseer founded SHAARS International in 2012 and has been growing ever since. SHAARS Is a portmanteau of Captain Naseer’s son’s names – Shayaan and Arslaan – SHAARS! With a company like this that is founded on family values and an intrinsic knack for business and networking, SHAARS is exploding in the Global Export industry, especially in countries like Dubai, Oman, and Kuwait.

At this time, we at SHAARS are looking to not only expand our portfolio, but our global reach. It is our intention to be a worldwide supplier that works closely with our clients to form real relationships. We don’t just take your order here at SHAARS – We get to know you. We know our suppliers on a first name basis and love to check in on family and health. It’s not just business – it’s serving other humans on their quest to serve animals. We are also branching out into veterinary medicine and equipment – Everything from Equine heart monitors to equine dental equipment and everything in between! We know that having the best supplements and technology is crucial to providing the best care for your animals, so don’t hesitate. If there are products you’ve heard of, seen in the USA, but can’t seem to get a fair price on, reach out! We are always eager to provide an unrivaled quality of service with the fairest prices around.

Some of our most popular products: Adequan, Kaolin Pectin, Tenda Neck Sweat, DMSO gel, and COVID vaccines! Reach out to us today at info@shaarsinternational.com